Through technology, our world has become highly dynamic. We can access endless information at a moments notice. Unfortunately, our basic communication skills have become impaired due to an excess of connectivity, isolating us in our immediate surroundings.

Although this occurs in various environments, it is with the youngest generations in family circumstances where this split is most obvious, given that they adopt technology immediately.

In an intimate circle such as family, we recognise that communication is a key factor and as a result we developed SHUTOFF.

Description Operation

ShutOff is an app that enables parents and care givers to temporarily eliminate the distractions that young people might find in mobile devices. The app temporary disables some of the mobile device’s features.

This app consists of two parts: a control app and a dependent app. The control app installs in the caregiver’s or parent’s device. The dependent app installs in the youth’s device.

From the control app one or several dependent devices may be blocked, individually or all at once.